First Archer


When I started to get back into sewing and started looking at blogs, one of the first patterns that caught my eye was Grainline Studio’s Archer shirt pattern. I love all of the different versions I’ve seen popping up on the web and with the sew-a-long on Jen’s blog, it was a piece of cake to put together. The only thing that I changed was the pocket size – they seemed too big on the pattern so I measured some pockets on similar store bought shirts that I have and cut them quite a bit smaller. I like how they turned out, but I think maybe next time I will play with different angles.


The fabric is a yellow Kaufman chambray that I thought would be a little less quilting-weight. It would be nice if the shirt draped a bit better, but that’s what you get for ordering fabric online! I do wish there were better fabric stores in the DC area. The best  thing about this shirt/pattern is that it looks great dressed up…



…Or dressed down! I think I may need to attempt a swayback adjustment on my next Archer (yes, I am planning some more…;) ), because my scoliosis makes my back extra curvy and there’s quite a bit of poofy fabric back there.



Seriously though, if you sew and you haven’t tried this pattern yet, DO IT! I’m not sure I would have understood everything with the pattern alone – this was my first time making a button up shirt, so lots of new techniques for me. With the sew-a-long on the Grainline blog though, I really think most people could make it with no problem.


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