Hello and welcome to Hecho con hilo!

My name is Kristin and I’ve been crafting ever since I can remember, from sewing and cross stitching to quilting and knitting. I reluctantly took a break from most of it when I went to college and on to grad school, but now I’m done with all of that and have been reunited with my sewing machine and crafty supplies!

I’ve been lurking in the blogging community for a while, recently started posting my projects on Kollabora (awesome site, check it out!) and decided that it would be easier to keep track of things and maybe even make some blogger friends if I got a blog myself!

I have several projects that I’ve made in the past couple of months, so I’ll share them one at a time, starting with the first thing I made on my new (to me) sewing machine, a Bernina 830 Record:


Pardon the mess in the background – I have since found a better place to take my pictures!

This is made from Vogue 8251, View C in a size 12. I believe the pattern is out of print now. I got it and the heart jersey (from Mood Fabrics) before college so it had been hanging around my parents’ house for a while. The front looks pretty straightforward, but look at the fun back details!


I had a lot of trouble getting this to lay somewhat flat. I had never sewn on jersey before and didn’t have any trouble at the seams, but those hems were a nightmare and really stretched out. I ended up closing up the back a bit more by hand and tacking them together in the middle so that the right side will stay mostly facing out.


I didn’t have quite enough fabric so I had to improvise and cut the shirt short and add a band at the bottom to lengthen it some more. Added bonus: no stretched out hem on the bottom!

It’s not the best thing I’ve ever made, but I figure it’s not bad for my first attempt at sewing jersey!

Next up: a finished knitting project!


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. love the pattern! you’re braver than I am – never tried sewing on jersey before.

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